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Mission Statement
Elbirt Technologies is dedicated to the research and development of academic and scientific software, websites, data and related technologies for the express purpose of scientific exploration toward the improvement of society, the Earth and man-kind.

Much of the data produced and software developed is provided free to the public. This promotes use, collaboration, repetition, and validation of results.

Recent News - Summer 2012
I hope everyone is enjoying the summer!

I am currently working on non-scientific related projects as a break.

Coming VERY SOON - "Love in a Pot" - a recipe and photography book by Benjamin Elbirt
Current Areas of Development
  • Data Visualization, Intonation and Animation
  • Network Analysis / Migration Networks / Political Networks
  • Website Development / Maintenance
  • Semantic/Content/Text Analysis
  • Agent Based Models of Information Diffusion
  • Time Series Analysis
About Benjamin Elbirt
Benjamin Elbirt Benjamin Elbirt received his Bachelors Degree from SUNY Buffalo May 1997, Culinary Business/Arts degrees in 2002, Masters degree from SUNY Buffalo May 2007, is Chief Information Officer of INSNA 2008 to Present and continues to work in related fields while performing contracted software development work.

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